Terms of Use | Pawfit

Latsen Technology Ltd.

Date: August 05, 2018

Please carefully read and thoroughly understand these terms of use (the 'agreement') and confirm that you have fully understood and agreed to this agreement before using relevant products or services, prior to the use of Pawfit products or services. Your use of Pawfit products or services shall be deemed as you have fully understood and agreed to this agreement'. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on the content of this agreement', please contact us at the following address: Pawfit User Operation Centre Latsen Technology Ltd. Unit 19A, The Matchworks, Speke Road, Liverpool, L19 2RF


Pawfit: is a multi-terminal platform and client developed and operated by Pawfit Service Providers under Latsen Technology Limited. It is designed to provide petcare services for pet lovers. It includes Pawfit official website (domain name: www.pawfit.com), Pawfit web version and Pawfit App, intelligent hardware under the brand of Pawfit and services provided by integration of certain Pawfit features/services as a third-party service in software and/or other third parties.

Pawfit Service Provider: means Latsen Technology Limited who conduct research over, develop and provide Pawfit products and services.

Personal Information: means all information electronically or otherwise recorded that can be used to identify a natural person or reflect his/her activities, whether on its own or in combination with other information.

Personal Information Deletion: means the removal of Personal Information from the systems as involved in daily business operations to keep such information irretrievable and inaccessible.

Legal Statement

I. Ownership of Rights

Pawfit logo, “Pawfit” and other texts, graphs and combination thereof, other marks and symbols of Pawfit and Pawfit service names are the registered trademarks of Latsen Technology Limited. Without the written authorization of Latsen Technology Limited., no one may display, use or otherwise process (including without limitation reproduce, disseminate, show, mirror, upload and download) any of the said trademarks in any way or represent to others that he/she/it has the right to display, use or otherwise process any of the said trademarks.

The intellectual property rights in all Pawfit's products, services, technologies and applications or their components/features (“Technical Services”) shall vest in Latsen Technology Limited or their right owners.

Unless otherwise stated by Latsen Technology Limited, all rights (including but not limited to copyright, trademark right, patent right, trade secret and any other related rights) in, of and to all documents and other information (including but not limited to texts, graphs, pictures, photos, audios, videos, icons, colors, layout and electronic documents) published by Pawfit on websites are vested in Latsen Technology Limited. Without the permission of Latsen Technology Limited, no one may use the said information (including but not limited to monitor, reproduce, rebroadcast, display, mirror, upload and download any contents via programs or devices). Where any one is authorized to browse, reproduce, print or disseminate the information relating to Pawfit products and services, such information shall not be used for commercial purposes and this statement of rights must be included in use of all information or any portion thereof.

II. Limitation of Liability

Where Pawfit users upload, provide or publish relevant information on or in Pawfit's official website, forums, communities and open platforms, including but not limited to user name, contact person and contact details, relevant pictures and information, such information shall be provided by Pawfit users on their own and Pawfit users must legally assume all liabilities for any information they provide.

Pawfit reposts works (including contents on forums) for the purpose of distributing information, which does not mean that Pawfit agrees with the viewpoints in the works or confirms the authenticity of the contents of the works.

Pawfit hereby reminds you that you shall abide by laws of all other applicable domestic laws in the countries in using Pawfit's products and services, and you shall not endanger cyber security or utilize Pawfit products and services to engage in activities that infringe upon others' reputation right, privacy, intellectual property rights or other legitimate interests. Notwithstanding such reminders, Pawfit will assume no liability for your purposes of using Pawfit products and services.

III. Protection of Intellectual Property

We respect intellectual property rights and oppose and combat any infringement upon intellectual property rights. If any organization or individual deems that products and services provided by Pawfit (such as repost of articles, published information, third-party applications in Pawfit open platform and information published by them) may infringe upon its/his/her legitimate interests, such organization or individual may issue a written notice of claims in either of the following ways and Pawfit will deal with the same as soon as possible in accordance with laws after receipt of applicable notice from the intellectual property right owner:

1. By mailing the notice and original supporting documents to:
    Attention: Pawfit User Operation Centre
    Address: Latsen Technology Ltd. Unit 19A, The Matchworks, Speke Road, Liverpool, L19 2RF

2. By emailing the scanned notice and supporting documents to support@latsen.com